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"I was able to take all the time I needed to be with my daughter. Everyone should have access to these types of benefits." - Marissa, Bank of America, Texas

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  • Janet Van Huysse, Former Vice President of Human Resources at Twitter

    Janet Van Huysse was the first Vice President for Human Resources at Twitter where she pioneered programs around working parents, most notably round table sessions for both new parents and their managers, a dinner- to-go program and Mommy Mentors. As the VP of Diversity and Inclusion efforts, she helped create Twitter paid family leave policy providing a minimum of 20 weeks of equal pay for all new parents. During her tenure, Twitter was recognized with numerous awards as a "best place to work." 

  • Benjamin Joffe-Walt, Chief People Officer at

    Benjamin Joffe-Walt is the Chief People Officer of, the world’s largest platform for change, with more than 150 million users in 195 countries. With staff in more than 15 countries, provides 18 weeks of paid leave to all new parents – mothers, fathers, biological parents, and adoptive parents. also provides 5 weeks paid vacation.

  • Amy Leonard, Talent Communications Manager at Deloitte

    Amy Leonard is Talent Communications Manager for Deloitte, a national leader in corporate paid family leave policy. Their recently expanded family leave program provides 16 weeks of fully paid caregiving leave for all employees to support a range of life events, including newborn care, eldercare, spousal care, and more. Amy can connect interested HR leaders with Deloitte staff who helped to create the program, as well as members of Deloitte's communication team regarding their recently-conducted survey to understand how employees view and value parental leave.

  • Medha Rishi, Global Benefits and Mobility Lead at Square

    Medha Rishi is Head of Global Benefits and Global Mobility at Square; a leading tech multinational which provides 16 weeks of paid family leave to all new parents and flexibility to request suitable work arrangements to assist with caring for a child, elderly parent or an ill family member.

  • Stacey Manes, Strategic HR consultant

    Stacey Manes spent several years as a Silicon Valley tech executive and helped build successful emerging tech companies including OpenTable and AdRoll. Stacey is the founder of her own coaching and HR consulting practice where she helps companies scale their talent functions and develop their leaders.

  • Dr. Amy Beacom, Founder and CEO at Center for Parental Leave Leadership

    Dr. Amy Beacom is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Parental Leave Leadership, which provides custom parental leave consulting, coaching and manager training to some of the world’s greatest brands. They assist forward thinking companies – and their working parents – to navigate the complex transitional time of parental leave while maximizing its potential for development and talent retention.

  • Alice Vichaita, Global Benefits Manager at Pinterest

    Alice Vichaita is the Global Benefits Manager at Pinterest; previously, she managed various benefits programs at LinkedIn and She is passionate about the area of family benefits and has helped implementing numerous family programs at these companies. Pinterest provides 16 weeks of paid parental leave post birth and 12 weeks of family care leave for caring for an ill family member.