Sign the Card: Tell These Activists "Thank You!"

Sign the thank you card for Jasmine, Jess, Kristen, Niko and Regina!

Jasmine, Jess, Kristen, Niko and Regina are heroes. Because of their boldness, our movement’s message has reached millions and is redefining the agenda for workplaces and how we as a country support families.

Speaking out takes real bravery. Some of these champions have difficult stories to tell. Others risk retaliation from their employers. Yet they are lifting up their voices to fight unequal and discriminatory policies hurting families across the country because they believe it’s the right thing to do.

Help us show these five amazing activists how much their work matters. Sign the card for Jasmine, Jess, Kristen, Niko and Regina to thank them for their contribution in the fight for paid family leave for all - we’ll be sending your notes to each of them personally.

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