Starbucks employees: What has been your experience with parental leave?


Starbucks recently announced that it will be expanding its paid parental leave benefit, giving new moms and dads in their corporate offices at least 12 weeks of fully paid leave.

Starbucks’ new parental leave policy has a major flaw - it focuses on corporate headquarters and leaves out employees in stores. Dads and adoptive parents who work in the stores, like baristas, will get no paid parental leave, and new moms who work in stores will have less than half of the amount of leave that moms in the corporate office get.

Starbucks employees, former employees, and customers are coming forward to change this unfair policy before it goes into effect in October.

If you're a Starbucks employee, tell us if you’ve used (or would have wanted to use) paid parental leave to care for a new baby.

Share your paid parental leave experience and join the employee-driven movement to make sure ALL Starbucks employees can access the parental leave benefits available to corporate staff.

Your response may be publicized in PL+US' advocacy efforts to help win paid family leave for everyone in the United States. PL+US may contact you to follow up about your experience. 

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