Starbucks CEO wants to hear from YOU on Parental Leave

Starbucks Partner Pours an Espresso Drink

Even though partners like us are the heart and soul of this company, Starbucks’ current paid family leave policy focuses on corporate headquarters staff. Dads and adoptive parents who work in the stores will get no paid parental leave, and new moms who work in stores will have less than half of the amount of leave that moms in the corporate office get.

That’s why Starbucks partners joined with PL+US to deliver more than 80,000 petition signatures to demand Starbucks offer equal paid family leave to all their employees.

Afterward, we met with the Starbucks Vice President of Global Benefits, Ron Crawford, to discuss with him why paid family leave is so critical to our families and tens of thousands of employees who work just as hard as we do.

Here’s what Starbucks said: they didn’t realize it was a priority because they haven’t heard from people like you.

We can win this fight, but we need your voice. Add your name below to let Starbucks know you want a fair and equal paid family leave policy.

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