Starbucks Begins Discriminating on October 1

Tell Starbucks to Stop the Discrimination Before it Starts

Stop Starbucks Discrimination

Starbucks will launch its discriminatory paid leave policy on October 1, 2017 [1] -- a policy that will leave out dads, gay families, adoptive parents, and leaving barista birth moms with a third of the leave offered to its corporate headquarters colleagues.[2],[3]

We can stop this discrimination before it starts. Tell Starbucks to include ALL employees in its paid parental leave policy when it goes into effect on October 1.

Under this policy, the majority of the people of color who work for Starbucks would have far less leave -- or none at all compared to their corporate colleagues.

Ending gender discrimination in paid parental leave benefits dads -- and it benefits women too. When everyone has access to paid family leave, the wage gap for women closes and families have more flexibility, no matter what they look like.

We can't stop Starbucks without your help. We'll be pulling out all the stops and your voice is critical to ensure that when the company’s paid leave policy goes live on October 1 ALL workers are included.

It’s not too late for Starbucks to include dads, gay families, adoptive parents, low wage workers -- everyone -- in its corporate paid leave policy. Add your name and tell Starbucks executives to stop discriminating against families. 

[1] Starbucks Fact Sheet, "History of Partner Benefits." Source: Starbucks.
[2] "No two-tier benefits: Amazon warehouse workers get same parental leave as corporate staff." Source: Seattle Times.
[3] "Left Out: How corporate America’s parental leave policies discriminate against dads, LGBTQ+, and adoptive parents." Source: PL+US.

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