Did you get paid family leave?


Paid Family Leave is a critical support for anybody who has a new child, an ill or aging parent, or needs to provide care to a spouse or loved one. But in the United States, companies are not required to share information about how much paid family leave they offer. Most people have no idea what might be available to them to help through these critical moments in a family’s life.

You can help: tell us if and how paid family leave was available to you when you needed it most. We’re using the data we collect to build a database of paid leave policies at our nation’s top employers, to build best practices for employers who don’t have leave yet, and to educate the public and policymakers about the importance of paid family leave.

Tell us your paid family leave experience and help make family leave available to everyone in the U.S.  All answers are strictly confidential. 

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How much paid parental leave does your employer offer?

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