U.S. Companies: End Gender Discrimination for Paid Leave

Derek Rotondo with his childSend a message to our nation’s top employers to stop discriminating against non-birth parents -- because everyone benefits when everyone can access paid family leave.

Derek Rotondo, a dad who works for JPMorgan Chase, was told by his employer that he didn’t qualify for 16 weeks of parental leave because, as a man, he couldn’t be a primary caregiver unless he could prove that his wife was "incapable" of caring for their new baby. That’s shockingly antiquated thinking about the role of parents and diversity of families in 2017.

JPMorgan Chase is not the only company to provide significantly less or no paid parental leave to dads. Companies like Wells Fargo, Disney and Starbucks all offer men far less time off (or none at all!) to bond with a new baby than their female employees.

Join our call to tell these companies that it’s time to do better for children, women, and families. Add your name today.

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