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Tell Starbucks - paid leave for baristas too!

There’s been a lot of fanfare about Starbucks’ new paid parental leave policy. From Oct. 1, the company plans to expand its paid parental leave policy to include dads and adoptive parents working in their corporate offices.

But the new policy has a major flaw - dads and adoptive parents who work in the stores, like baristas, are still left completely out. And moms who work in stores are being given less than half of the amount of leave that moms in the corporate office get.

Call Starbucks today and tell them: "Paid parental leave is a critical for anybody who has a new child, not just employees in corporate offices. Babies born to baristas need just as much care as those born to company executives."

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PS - Are you a Starbucks employee? Tell us if and how paid family leave was available to you at Starbucks, when you needed it most.

Share your paid family leave experience with us and help make family leave available to every employee at Starbucks. All answers are strictly confidential.

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