Call Starbucks!



Kevin Johnson, Starbucks new CEO, needs to hear from YOU, because ALL partners deserve equal paid parental leave.  

Starbucks has a reputation as a great place to work, and takes pride in the great benefits offered to employees. But Starbucks partners who make coffee and serve customers in stores across the country are left out of the new paid parental leave policy announced earlier this year.

Call Starbucks' partner line today to tell Mr. Johnson to make equal access to paid parental leave for ALL partners a priority. 

Under the new policy, dads and adoptive parents who work in the stores are completely left out, and moms who work in stores get less than half of the amount of leave that moms in the corporate office get.

Call Starbucks today and tell them: "Paid parental leave is a critical for anybody who has a new child, not just employees in corporate offices. Babies born to baristas need just as much care as those born to company executives."

Enter your info and we'll match you Starbucks parter line. 

And if you can, Tell us if and how paid family leave was available to you at Starbucks, and when you needed it most.


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